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I must have the driest hair on the planet…drier than the most arid desert…drier than a thirsty camel’s armpit…than the driest G&T. I mean it, curlies, it’s dry!

I have around a 4a curl type, I think, with patches of 4b and even 3c strands around the back. I can’t really say which is my dominant curl pattern – I think your curl type is less important than the actual texture of your hair, because this is what determines more than anything how your hair takes on and retains moisture.

My hair suffers from major shrinkage and a dull texture…like a spoilt child, it won’t do what it’s told and acts up if it doesn’t get enough attention.

When I first transitioned I tried every type of hair product on the market, all promising to give me the curls that I’d (almost) kill to achieve. You name it, I bought it. Transitioning almost had me bankrupt.

How I Moisturise my Curls

I’ve made some progress the past few weeks by changing my natural hair routine – as you know, getting your haircare regimen down is the first step to maintaining a healthy head of hair.

So I’m co-washing a couple of times a week, deep conditioning twice a week and I’ve been spritzing my hair in between times with a mixture of olive oil and water. It depends how dry my hair is, but a twice daily spritz usually keeps my hair moist until night-time.

I’ve also started using Jojoba oil to seal in moisture. They say that Jojoba is the oil that’s most like sebum – the oil that your head naturally produces. It feels great to apply and my hair’s still got some curl definition at the end of the day.

I’m tying up at nights to protect the ends and keep the curls stretched, and I’ve also invested in some new satin pillows.

So far it seems to be working. I think I’ve finally got the petulant child that is my ‘fro under control –  I’ve got a head of curly hair rather than frizz.

Is your natural hair winding you up? Let me know how you tame the frizz, add your comments below…

PS: I’ve just added a forum! Go to www.blackhaircareforum.org.uk to find support and advice on caring for your natural hair.