I’ve been meaning to get this blog written for a while, so thanks for being so patient.

I want to share some of the tips I’ve learned along the way during my natural hair journey. It’s been quite a ride, but I’ve finally managed to attain armpit length hair!

So here are a few of my tips on retaining length, I hope you find them useful.

Natural hair tips - what to do when your hair doesn't make the cut

Natural hair tips – what to do when your hair doesn’t make the cut

1. Stay flexible in your approach to your hair

Firstly I don’t stick too rigidly to a natural hair regimen that’s not working for you.

Everybody talks about how important it is to work out a natural hair regimen but one thing I’ve learned is that it’s more important to listen to your hair. It’s essential to be ready to adapt as soon as you realise that something’s just not working.

You’ll see better results if you pay more attention to what your hair needs, when it needs it. For example, you may find that a hair product that suits you today doesn’t do anything for you tomorrow. Say you’ve found a moisturising product that’s everything; you just can’t praise it enough – but don’t be slow to put it aside if it stops working.

The change could be due to a change in the health of your hair where it doesn’t have the same requirements, or it could be environmental – a drop or rise in temperature could require different product usage. Whatever the reason, never soldier on with a product out of sheer bloody-mindedness. I learned this the hard way.

2. Changing Your Regimen

Try to isolate changes you make to your regimen. What I mean is, establish you hair regimen first, then introduce different things – slowly. This way, if things go wrong you’ll know exactly what’s gone wrong and why your hair’s suddenly shrivelled up on you, or your style isn’t quite looking what it should.

As a former product junkie, I tried lots of new products but something went wrong. Because I couldn’t work out which product was damaging my hair, I condemned all of them and abandoned my regimen. I ended up wasting money and missing out on some great hair care techniques because couldn’t pin down the problem to one aspect of my regimen or to a single product.

3. Limit the Damage

If you’re trying out something new, like a different product, wait until you’re about to use a shampoo so that if all else fails, you can soon wash it out. Similarly, if you’re thinking of trying a new product that’s quite potent, like a protein treatment, wait until you’re due a trim. That way, if your hair suffers any ill effects, you can just trim off the collateral.

Did you find this blog useful? Have you suffered hair breakage recently? What do you think was the problem?

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