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This blog accompanies the Natural Hair Forum UK.

I started this blog about two years ago after I stopped using chemical relaxers.

I wanted to create a space where we can talk about black beauty. I’ve been natural for four years and I wanted to document my natural hair story and findings, and share what I’ve discovered including hair growth and length retention tips. Mainly it’s about building our natural confidence.

The Natural Hair Forum UK was an extension of the blog. When I stopped relaxing my hair, I found myself drowning in a sea of information with no-one around who really understood what it’s like when you cross to the other side! So I started the blog and forum to help others – whether you’re new to the natural thing, you’ve been natural for years or you’re thinking of transitioning – there’s a space where you can chat and swap ideas.

This is a positive space for black women to nurture their inner beauty and share natural hair experiences and beauty stories, whether you’re a natural curly or not.

Feel free to comment or ask questions, and don’t forget to register at the Natural Hair Forum and support naturals in the UK.

Shirley xxx


The Natural Hair Forum UK has moved…


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Just a quickie to say that the Natural Hair Forum UK has moved to a new home. The url is now www.thenaturalhairforum.co.uk. Much improved from the last one…but don’t worry if you’re still typing the long url, you’ll be redirected to the new site.

The Natural Hair Forum UK is going from strength to strength, thanks to everybody who’s supported it. Hope to see you over there.

Don’t forget it: www.thenaturalhairforum.co.uk! 🙂