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I dream that one day us natural curlies will march on the Houses of Parliament, knock on Number 10 and take power – Curl Power!

OK so maybe that’s a little extreme, and I apologise profusely for paraphrasing the late, very great Dr Martin Luther King Jr. so casually.

That said, I really hope that natural curls will achieve equality one day. After all, afro hair is equally as beautiful as any other hair type, we just have to believe in it.

So – when will I judge this lofty aim of curly hair equality to have been achieved? Well, of course, when RiRi starts rockin’ a TWA.

Or perhaps when Beyonce reveals her beautiful nappy hair in her next video instead of a weave – and not in some ironic way, for some 1970s skit or something.

Or Michelle Obama even, sporting a ‘fro…

I want the ‘fro to have the same status as straight hair, not only among those with straight hair but among ourselves – because I hate to say it sistas, but sometimes we can be our biggest detractors.

Since transitioning there’s been too much negativity about my decision to go natural. I faced horror and disbelief among those closest to me – why would I want to do that? That kind of attitude. I mean really, where’s the love? And I mean self-love.

So today, I’m gonna stand up! I’m proud of my beautiful black hair and I fully accept it, the pros and the cons.

Wow, I feel so liberated…

So here’s your rallying call. Let’s take it to the streets! Today the UK, tomorrow the world. Lets us curlies start taking those tiny steps towards loving our curls and gaining proper recognition for the beautiful afro hair we’ve been blessed with.

The ‘I have a dream speech’, maybe it was on a totally different scale but – well – isn’t it all kinda interrelated?