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I thought I’d give you the lowdown on some of the products I’ve been using lately.

I tend not to spend too much money on black hair products; it’s such a money pit. I found this out the hard way during the first few years of transitioning when I was running out to buy all the products I could find, that promised all sorts.

That being said, I’ve finally settled on a handful of products that seem to work. It’s taken a lot of trial and error but I now have a few hair products that will henceforth form part of my staple product choice. Although my hair is a fickle mistress so it could be all change again in a few months. Afro hair, don’t ya just love it (sighing)?

Anyhoo, in this blog I’ll share some of the products that I’m loving at the moment and those that, surprisingly, haven’t made such a big impact.

This sassy little conditioner's a keeper

This sassy little conditioner’s a keeper

Curl Harmony Intensive Repair Deep Conditioner

Key Ingredients: jojoba oil, shea butter, coconut oil. The first ingredient is aqua and there’s some hydrolysed wheat protein in the mix.

Description: a deep treatment that strengthens and moisturises; it revives damaged, dull and dry hair. For wavy, curly and afro hair.

Smell: very pleasant. Not too strong, though slightly artificial.

Consistency: very thick & creamy.

Price Range: mid-high. I think it was about £15 for 250ml tub. Postage pushes the price up quite steeply.

Retailer: online.

Results: This is one of the best deep conditioners I’ve found so far; and I’ve tried a fair few. It contains great ingredients and the instant I apply it, I can feel and see the difference. My curls start regrouping and my hair feels much stronger. If you detangle while you’re conditioning your hair, this product gives lots of slip making the process much easier.

I’ve been using this for a few months and I can’t exactly confirm that there’s been a big improvement in the condition of my hair over time because I’ve had a few split ends and SSKs lately. I’m retaining some length though, so I must be doing something right. This one’s definitely a keeper (until I find something even more amazing).

Worth the money? Definitely, I’d say so but it makes a big dent in my pocket so I’m quite frugal with it.

Dr. Organics Virgin Olive Oil Conditioner

This is the start of a long love affair...

This is the start of a long love affair…

Key Ingredients: aloe vera juice, olive fruit oil, shea butter, hydrolyzed mild protein, panthenol.Description: hydrating hair therapy; revitalising and restoring. It contains bioactive, natural and organic ingredients…that penetrate deep into the keratin fibres of the hair.

Smell: Fruity; pleasant.

Consistency: thick & creamy.

Price Range: low-mid (I think it cost around £6 for a 265ml bottle).

Retailer: Holland & Barratt or online.

Results: This one’s a bit of a wildcard. It’s not marketed towards black hair but it’s definitely got the wow-factor. The minute I apply it to my hair, my curls just gravitate towards each other, giving them great definition. I think it has a cumulative effect over time as my hair feels stronger and it retains the shape of the curls over a few days, which is real progress. If my hair’s in need of a boost then I can rely on this to give it the TLC it deserves. Brilliant stuff.

Worth the money? Darn straight it is! I’d even pay more (but don’t tell them that in case they put the price up). Worth every penny. Dr Organic, you better stock up quick!

Mahogany Naturals Daily Moisturising Leave-In Treatment

Daily Moisturising Leave-In? Leave it out!

Daily Moisturising Leave-In? Leave it out!

Key Ingredients: purified water, aloe vera, vegetable glycerine, coconut oil.Description: a light, very moisturising daily leave-in spray that nourishes hair with moisture and shine. Protects hair from harsh weather, helps repair damaged hair & keeps it at optimum health.

Smell: this has a beautiful light fragrance, which I love.

Consistency: watery/oily.

Price Range: mid-high. It cost approx £14 for a 250ml bottle. Postage is quite steep; with that included, it’s a little shy of £20.

Retailer: Etsy (online).

Results: Aside from the smell, I’m not blown away by this product. I’ve noticed no discernible difference to my hair. I’ve been told that my hair’s got a good sheen and I think this product might be responsible for that but it hasn’t made a big impact on the health or texture of my hair. I used it daily at first but noticed a slightly sticky build-up after a while. Now I’m just using a little every other day, or when my hair needs a boost of moisture. It works all right in the short-term but I’m really just using it for sealing.

Worth the money? I hate to say it, but not really – not for me. I use it for sealing more than infusing my hair with moisture; and I could use a homemade spritz for that. I feel like this is just glorified water, albeit, with a very pleasant smell. When I have the cash, I may try a different Mahogany Naturals product because I’ve heard such great things about them…or am I just a marketer’s dream?

Coming up:  Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose and TLC Naturals Leave-in.

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