Just a short post to tell you about the exclusive Curl Harmony discount we’re running at the Natural Hair Forum UK

Most of you know by now that I love Curl Harmony products. I’ve been pretty vocal about how my hair couldn’t do without the Intensive Repair Conditioner. It’s probably the one hair product that I’d miss the most if I ran out.

Curl Harmony Intensive Repair, my favourite deep conditioner by miles

Curl Harmony Intensive Repair, my favourite deep conditioner by miles

This deep conditioner makes my 4a curls pop, smells wonderful and has lots of lovely ingredients that always work a treat when I need to give my hair some TLC and stop breakage fast.

I’ve also tried the Curl Reviver, which I love too. You only need a little bit for keeping your hair moisturised. I like to spritz with water first and use alongside oils for sealing.

Why not try Curl Harmony leave-in or conditioner? Browse their products here, or here if you’re in the US.

If you’re in the UK, you can get a very generous 20% off your order. This offer is open to members of the Natural Hair Forum UK based in GB – and it’s only open for a short time, so get your orders in quickly! Just DM me via the forum and I’ll give you the product code, then you can shop to your heart’s content. If you love your hair, I’d thoroughly recommend trying CH hair products.

Are you a fan of Curl Harmony? Pleased to hear you can now buy Curl Harmony products online in the US? Have you tried these hair products? Let me know what you think below.